- Rights to submitted material -

Rights to submitted material.
  • By submitting material to the TAGS-21.INFO web site, the submitter agrees to grant the TAGS site the sole right to publish this material on the TAGS-21.INFO web site.  If the TAGS site should move to a new domain name, the new domain will inherit these rights.  The submitter further agrees that TAGS veterans, Navy, MSTS/MSC and civilians, their families, and fellow veterans may download this material for their own use.

  • All other rights remain with the submitter.

  • Third parties and commercial entities must obtain permission from the TAGS web site and the submitter to use any material on the TAGS site.

  • Material on the TAGS web site originating with US Government agencies such as the U. S. Navy and The Naval Oceanographic Office is in the public domain.  No permission is necessary to use this material.

  • Email messages sent to the TAGS site admin Earl G. Adams at "earl @ tags-21.info" or "earl @ earlgadams.com"  are considered to be submissions to the TAGS site.

  • Entries in the TAGS Guestbook hosted at "http://www.tekstore.com/guest_log/gb.php" are considered to be submissions to the TAGS site.

- Submissions -

What to submit
Many of us have kept a variety of items from our service aboard the T-AGS.  The T-AGS site would like to post them all.  Here is a partial list of what we have posted or would like to post:
  • Digital copies of photographic prints,  black and white and color.  In general the quality of the print should determine the resolution at which the prints are scanned, but this is highly subjective.  I suggest scanning at a resolution of 300 dpi and 24-bit color, or 8-bit grayscale for black and white.

  • Digital copies of photographic slides.  I suggest scanning slides at a resolution of at least 2400 dpi and 24-bit color.

  • Digital copies of photographic negatives.  I suggest scanning negatives at a resolution of at least 2400 dpi and 24-bit color, or 8-bit grayscale for black and white.

  • Ship's newspapers.

  • Documents such as menus, watch bills, OcUnit and ship's memos, telegraphs, maintenance assignments, etc.

  • Personal documents such as course graduation certificates, citations, commendations, Shellback certificates.

  • Photos of memorabilia such as coffee cups, ash trays, mugs, lighters, patches, matchbook covers, special post cards, postal covers, etc., related to the ships, units or ports of call.

  • Photos of souvenirs.

  • Stories, reminiscences or sea stories about you experiences.

  • Technical details about the ships, the equipment and the mission.  Technical manuals.

  • Blueprints, drawings or descriptions of the ships' architecture and the layout of spaces aboard the ships.  Details of changes made to the ships during yard periods.


How to submit
  • Attach files to email. You can attach multiple files, but I suggest keeping the size of each email to less than 10MB and send multiple emails.  Emails should be sent to the TAGS site admin Earl Adams at "earl@tags-21.info" or "earl@earlgadams.com" .

  • Transfer using FTP. This is the best choice for a large number of files. If youíd like to use FTP, let me know and Iíll establish an account for you.

  • Copy files to a CD or DVD and mail the disk to me.

  • If you cannot scan your items, you can send the original material to me and I will do it. Iíve done this now for five of our shipmates. Iíll treat your material with respect and return within a few days. 

  • TAGS vets have had good luck with one excellent online service:  http://digmypics.com.  They produce high quality results at a reasonable price, are prompt and very well organized, and can reproduce just about anything.  They can digitize slides, negatives, prints and movies.