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    Date Submitted Title
Jim Bohnsack 4/12/2007 Newcastle and the Pineapple Pub
3/07/2007 Newcastle and Falmouth, England
Phil Brooks 7/02/2008 Southampton
    6/27/2009 The Bad EMO
    4/23/2011 My first ship, USNS Michelson
  Lin Combs 8/05/2007 Dutton in 1976
Albert M. Forget 10/18/2007 A personal history in the U.S. Navy, and aboard USNS Michelson.
  Gordon Foster 11/12/2011 Around the World Aboard USNS Dutton
  Carl Friberg 3/15/2007 Bondeson and his breed
    3/14/2007 About Captain Bondeson, and other comments.
    3/14/2007 T-AGS Crew List: The MSTS/MSC Crew
    3/14/2007 A Commentary on the Civilian Captain ("Master")
on U.S. Navy-owned Ships
    3/11/2007 The Dutton, Southampton, England, early 1970s, and other comments.
    3/11/2007 Tsip, tsip, tsip - A Snow Job
  Robert Guttman 12/06/2007

Vivid Recollections of the USNS Bowditch

  Chet Headley 5/18/2010 Acquiring My Extreme Foul Weather Jacket and Keeping It
  Gary Hooper 9/24/2008 Reminiscences of USNS Bowditch, 1963-1964
    9/24/2008 Reminiscences of USNS Bowditch, 1967-1968
  Ramon Jackson 3/14/2007 Bondeson and his breed.
    3/14/2007 Masters, Captains, "Captains" and Transport Commanders!
  Jack Keenan 7/15/2007 My Year on USNS Dutton T-AGS-22
  Bill Klein 9/13/2013 The Hunt for USNS Dutton
Glenn Krochmal 9/02/2008 The AGI Vertikal Incident
  Frank McCafferty 10/18/2012 USNS Dutton in Glasgow, Scotland, 1973
  Jonah McLeod 8/10/2007 A Year on the Michelson
  Bob Lord 2/2/2010 Some Ship's Newsletter Memories
    9/26/2010 A "Cruise Brochure" for TAGS Vets
  John Prough 3/30/2007 Work? Logs of a Tech Rep. on the USNS Bowditch
    3/30/2007 How I Got on the "Special Ships"
    3/23/2007 Trial and Redemption
    3/22/2007 The Texas Bar
    3/22/2007 The "Deadly Duo" Go Ashore
    3/14/2007 Stories about Captain Bondeson, and Other Crewmen
    3/14/2007 Captain Hess
    3/12/2007 Joining the Bowditch
  Paul Rokoff 1/21/2008 Muses from my time on the Dutton, Jan 1972-Nov 1974.
  David Royer 10/18/2008 First TAGS Tour, USNS Bowditch, 1960
    10/18/2008 The Bendix G-15D, and Other Happenings.  Transfer to Dutton.
    10/19/2008 Second Bowditch Tour
    10/21/2008 Third Bowditch Tour
  R.L. Seiden 6/27/2009 Me and the TAGS
  Chris Smoot 08/08/2007 Some Commentaries on Finding the Scorpion
7/16/2007 Mizar, Scorpion...and The Gulf of Alaska
  Eugene Weisberger 11-02-2008 The Invention of SASS
  Deb Zankofski 03-11-2011 Hess and the International Incident