Phil Brooks served on the Michelson from 1970 to 1972 as a Navy ETN2 and the Dutton from 1972 to 1974 as an ET1.


  1-SINS_School r.jpg (121707 bytes) A couple of pix from SINS School in Norfolk, VA prior to getting my orders to the Mickey Maru.

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USNS Michelson, 1970-1972.   VIDEO:
  Mich_At_Sea1.jpg (36781 bytes) Michelson at sea with heavy wind and spray from the starboard beam.

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  Mich_Port.jpg (107653 bytes) Michelson returns to sea from Yokohama, Japan.
  Mich_At_Sea2.jpg (25882 bytes) Michelson rolls! Watch the horizon and hold on to your lunch!
USNS Michelson, 1970-1972.   PHOTO ALBUMS:
  16-Phil_Brooksr.jpg (153308 bytes) Miscellaneous photos of life at sea and ashore.
  4-At_sear.jpg (143814 bytes) Here's a series of the Michelson going through rough seas.
  25-Departing_Michelson5r.jpg (141945 bytes) Departing Michelson, 1972.  After two years aboard, with more life experiences than I'd had in all the previous years of my life, I stood on the pier in Yokosuka and watched the Mickey Maru leave for another cruise and took these series of pictures.  I suddenly felt a huge loss, thinking I'll never see the ship or my shipmates aboard ever again.  I guess it was the first time I'd ever truly "belonged" to something.
USNS Dutton, 1972-1974.   PHOTO ALBUM:
  Dutton4.jpg (120204 bytes) Miscellaneous photos of life at sea and ashore.
Contemporary Photos:
  45e-1600.jpg (522840 bytes) Visit to the SS Red Oak Victory, 8/15/2010

When I came around the last bend in the road and the ship came into view I had the strangest feeling, like I'd been transported back in time.  I had to look down and check to see if I was in uniform!!  The whole time I was aboard, and now several days later I'm still feeling a lot of deja vu.  some kind of worm hole has been opened to the past!!

Here's the Red Oak Victory Museum site: