Matthew was assigned to Oceanographic Unit One on the USNS Bowditch T-AGS-21 from Oct 1972 to Nov 1973 as the EMO. He was a CWO-2 at the time.


A special request menu: "Pasties"
  Menu1973.jpg (969182 bytes)

A menu from the USNS Bowditch T-AGS-21 dated 1 June 1973.  I've always said the MSC ships were great feeders with so many choices for each meal.  What is significant about this one is that it has Pasties on it for one of the Dinner selections.

This is local dish, (meat, potato, onion, carrots, rutabaga pie wrapped in a crust.) from my home town in the Copper Country of Upper Michigan. The original dish came with the Cornish miners from Cornwall, UK when they came to Northern Michigan to mine copper.  It was a complete meal in a crust that you can hold in your hand.  The miner would heat his pasty in his lunch pail with a "carbide lantern" to get a hot meal. 

I found pasties at the Grapes Hotel in Southampton, UK.  (shipped in from Cornwall) and would have them save a few for me.  My CO at the time, (LCDR James E. Paquin) and the Master of the Bowditch (Capt. Paul Sinski) tried them out and we convinced the Chief Steward, E. Hoban to have them on his menu.  I have photos of the first trial run of Bowditch pasties too.

  Pasties1b.jpg (1160240 bytes) CWO-2 M. M. Ekdahl (me) testing the first run of pasties.  The Master of the Bowditch, Capt P. Sinski is looking on.
  Pasties2b.jpg (1564328 bytes) The CO, LCDR James E. Paquin dishing up the pasties.  Carroll "Frog" King (General Instruments tech. rep.) is waiting for his pasty.  In the background is one of the MSC crew (Mr. Blaine?) and Art Dayson (Navy ET) on the left.
  Pasties3b.jpg (1196331 bytes) CWO-2 M. M. Ekdahl and the CO, LCDR James E. Paquin (with drink cup) surveying the remains of the first run of pasties served on USNS Bowditch.

Farewell party for LCDR James E. Paquin at The Grapes Inn, 1973
  Party1-r.jpg (180594 bytes) This was a combination going away party for the outgoing CO, LCDR James E. Paquin and a welcome aboard party for the new CO, LT. V. J. Hultstrand.  You'll notice the Sherry Cask, (No. 13).  It was given as a going away gift to LCDR Paquin.
  Party1keyb-r.jpg (104157 bytes) KEY TO FIGURES:
1.  Paul W. Hammes (NAVOCEANO Senior Scientist)
2.  ETN Malnory
3.  CWO-2 Matthew M. Ekdahl, EMO
4.  ETC Leslie J. Woolfre
5.  Carole F. King, "Frog" (General Instruments Tech. Rep.)
6.  LCDR James E. Paquin (Outgoing CO)
7.  LT Victor.S. Hultstrand (Incoming CO)
8.  Sonny Clark (NAVOCEANO)
9.  SK1 Fred Roberts
10. ETN "Douhboy" Cheney
11. ETN Warren W. Eckert
12. Joey Guzaro (NSSNF)
13. Sherry Cask - Going away gift to LCDR Paquin
Party3-r.jpg (178810 bytes) Good photos of the new and old COs.  In addition this one has the new XO,  Brad Smith.
  Party3keyb-r.jpg (104321 bytes) KEY TO FIGURES:
1.  CWO-2 Matthew M. Ekdahl, EMO
2.  Carole F. King, "Frog" (General Instruments Tech. Rep.)
3.  Mrs. David Strauce
4.  LCDR James E. Paquin (Outgoing CO)
5.  R. Lord (Bunker-Ramo Tech. Rep.)
6.  LT Victor.S. Hultstrand (Incoming CO)
7.  ETN David G. Strause
8.  SK1 Fred Roberts
9.  Sonny Clark (NAVOCEANO)
10. ETC Leslie J. Woolfre
11. ETN "Douhboy" Cheney
12. ETN F. Drazaga
13. LTJG Brad Smith (New XO)
  GrapesInnb-r.jpg (169807 bytes) The Grapes Inn at 41 - 43 Oxford Street, Southampton, UK.  This was the location of the Farewell party for LCDR James E. Paquin.  It shows SK1 Roberts, ETC Woolfre and CWO-2 Ekdahl about to check out the pub to make sure everything was ready for the evening's party.  (Admin.- The car in front of them is the three-wheeled Reliant Regal Mk. V.  What a unique vehicle! ( http://www.3wheelers.com/regal.html )
  GrapesInnc.jpg (569464 bytes) Cropped and enlarged, a better view of Roberts, Woolfre and Ekdahl.
    The Grapes Inn today, September 2010.

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(Photo is from Google Maps Streetview, slightly Photoshopped, courtesy of EGAdams.)


Bowditch at Sea
  Bowditch_Ekdahl.jpg (200231 bytes) A great photo of Bowditch forward from the superstructure, her bow about to burrow into a wave.  My picture is superimposed.  Our PH was doing pre-PhotoShop photo art. 
  Bowditch_EkdahlSepia.jpg (197370 bytes) As above, in sepia.  Our PH has outdone himself