Peter S. Hellman was a Navy ET.  He served in OcUNIT 1 aboard USNS Bowditch in 1969. Pete was responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Sperry Mk 3 Mod 3 SINS.
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On Liberty in Lisbon

(Original photo by PH2 Ron Gazboda.) 
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Quarterdeck Watch 
  Located on the 2nd Deck of No.3 Hold, we posted a security guard here when in port.  The OcUNIT berthing compartments were on this deck.  Just below, on the 3rd Deck, was the Navigation Information Center (NIC) and other OcUNIT working spaces.  On the 4th Deck was Sonar and Hydroplot. Quarterdeck_Watch-600.jpg (176548 bytes) 
Transponder Shop 
  Located in the upper deck of No.5 Hold, this was the storage and maintenance space for the Deep Ocean Transponders, part of Bowditch's Acoustic Ship's Positioning System.

In 1969 this space was the domain of ET2 John Douglass of Indiana, PA, in western Pennsylvania.

Below this deck, in lower No.5, is where Henry Giardino built his sailboat.

(Original photo by PH2 Ron Gazboda.)
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Henry Giardino, aka Hank SINS, and the Sailboat 
  Hank built a fiberglass sailboat in lower No.5 Hold.  Getting all the materials in, and the resulting sailboat out, was quite an operation!

(Original photos by PH2 Ron Gazboda.)
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Slot Car Track 
  While in the yards in Hoboken, if memory serves correctly, ET1 Mike Cruce and ET2 Dave Perkins were on liberty and stumbled across the pieces of a slot car track sitting outside a shop undergoing renovation.  The got the pieces for free, and we put them all together in Lower #2 Hold, and here's the results.  Most of the younger guys left Hoboken with a stash of cars and parts, and after the month's movies got old, we amused ourselves here.

(Original photos by PH2 Ron Gazboda.)
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Bowditch in the Yards  
Hoboken, NJ, Winter 1968-1969
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