Jeff Lawrence was a Field Engineer from the Sperry Gyroscope Company assigned to the Michelson to maintain the Sperry SINS.  He served aboard in 1964 and 1965.


Aboard USNS Michelson, 1964-1965
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Charlie Beatty and Steve Gage in a game of "catch" on deck.

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The S.S. Grand slipping beneath the waves after breaking apart in heavy seas during our rescue mission. Another rescue ship stands by behind her.  Go to SS Grand Rescue for more information.

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Mid-1964 through mid-1965.
JL014er.jpg (297435 bytes) Aboard Michelson at Sea
  JL025er.jpg (348979 bytes) Michelson In Port JL003.jpg (294539 bytes) Michelson transits the Panama Canal on her way to the Pacific. 
September, 1964.


Contemporary Photos  (12 Jan, 2009)

Me with Clyde, one of our two pet Sulcata tortoises. Clyde was the size of
a walnut when we got him less than two years ago - he's going to be a big fellow.
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My wife Charlotte with Heidi, our new Persian kitty.
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