Richard Newman served on USNS Bowditch from mid-1972 to late-1974 as a Navy ET.

About a month after being on board, he was designated the Crew's Lay Leader.  He had a practice of putting scripture on the bulletin board once a week, as well as a bible study in the chow hall on Wednesdays.


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  197406d00648.jpg (297065 bytes) OcUnit One spaces Don_Sloan's_Band.jpg (233676 bytes) Southampton, England.  June, 1973.
  Cartagena, Spain and the Wreck of the Bowditch.  Nov, 1973.

After the collision between the Ivory Coast freighter T/N Penelope and USNS Bowditch on 13 Nov, 1973, we pulled into Cartagena, Spain for temporary repairs.  Penelope also docked at Cartagena.
  Baltimore4.jpg (247695 bytes) The Yards. Nov-Dec, 1973. 
Baltimore, Norfolk and Redhook.
197405d00554.jpg (181457 bytes) Norfolk, Virginia
  197403dd0326_edt.jpg (191372 bytes) The Azores 197403dd0330_edt.jpg (171686 bytes) La Coruna, Spain
  197403dd0349_StormAtSea_edt.jpg (188430 bytes) Storm at Sea, 1974 197404d10425_LibertyLaunch_edt.jpg (190595 bytes) Pulling into Lisbon, on the Tagus River
  197404d10440_edt.jpg (262094 bytes) Lisbon monuments  197404d10467_LisboaPortugal-SouthBank_edt.jpg (165438 bytes) The South Bank
  197406d00611.jpg (193839 bytes) Arriving in Southhampton, England.
June, 1974