Cliff Wolff served as a Navy ET1 aboard USNS Michelson in 1968-1969.


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  Cliff_Wolff_guam.jpg (253940 bytes) Cliff Wolff Guam Picture taken of me at Gab-Gab Beach on the Naval Station Cliff_Wolff_Stateroom.jpg (191730 bytes) Picture of me in the room next to the hospital.  We named each room.  I lived in the Bar Strange due to the classical music I listened to.  The hospital was the Bar Bichuate, another room was the Bar Aquarium as it was painted like a fish tank.  Fun days!  We kept to the Japanese naming system with Bar First.

That's a Stan Getz album between my feet.  Note the sign:  SHOES OFF DOZO (SHOES OFF PLEASE).
  Mich_Crew_Guam.jpg (253182 bytes) ETN2 Nunes, ET1 Girtman, ET1 Wolff, ET1 Hicks, ETN2 Paul and IC3 Roddy at Gab-Gab Beach. Mich_Crew_Yokosuka.jpg (193670 bytes) Taken on a trip to Nagasaki:  ETN2 McKee, ET1 Wolff, ET1 Dumanowski and ET1 Hicks
  Russian_AGI.jpg (211678 bytes) Russian AGI- A guy that gave us difficulty on a run out of Guam. Michelson_Tanker.jpg (309463 bytes) A photo of USNS Michelson moored alongside a new Idemitsu-class tanker.  Sasebo Japan.
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Marine_Tower.jpg (485638 bytes) The city of Yokohama, Japan. MSTS_Piers.jpg (451380 bytes) The port of Yokohama, Japan.
A collection of photos from my visit to the SS American Victory in Tampa, Fl, in June of 2011.
The official SS American Victory site is here:  http://www.americanvictory.org/
  The SS American Victory is fully operational and makes two Relive History Cruises per year. American_Victory_72e.jpg (732548 bytes)