Frank McCafferty -  Contributions:

Frank McCafferty served aboard USNS Dutton in 1973-1974 as a Navy ET.  He retired from the USN as an ETCS.

Frank's Guest Book entry, Oct 16, 2012:

Best tour was by far the 18 months spent on the Dutton. Submarine duty followed.....another story altogether. Rockie, you posted great pics of the crew (PS. thanks for letting me read your Star Trek series those first couple of cruises). Showed my wife (Geri) this site and pics.....she remembered Ron, Horse, Wild Bill, Steve, Dave, Crunch. Hoppy, and a bunch of the others. She just looked at me an said I have certainly changed......the mind still works though..... great memories of Southampton, Naples, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bergen, and even Brooklyn.