Before reporting to OcUnit One on USNS Bowditch I attended two technical schools, one for the CP677 computer in Dam Neck, VA,and a second for the SASS bathymetry sonar at Harris ASW in Westwood, MA.  Here are the graduation certificates.  
Course Graduation Certificate, Spec Tech CP677  
  The CP-677 computer was the data processing equipment for the SASS multibeam sonars used on Bowditch, Dutton and Michelson (and on USS Compass Island AG-153).  It was also used on the BRN-3 Satellite Navigation Receiver and as NAVDAC, the navigation data assimilation computer. SpecTech_CP677.jpg (79679 bytes)
Course Completion Certificate, SASS  
  SASS was the first multibeam, stabilized, bathymetry sonar, now commonly called SWATH sonars. Harris_SASS.jpg (154977 bytes)
"Command Duty Officer Assignments", OcUnit One Memo, 15 June 1973  
    CDO_Memo.jpg (364820 bytes)
"Helpful information for personnel being transferred to Oceanographic Unit ONE", Commanding Officer, Oceanographic Unit ONE, 30 March 1972.  
    Ocunit_Letter_p1.jpg (166094 bytes)