OcUnit 2 Beer Stein  
  Beer Stein with the OcUnit Two patch. 

This is the second one I bought. The first cracked because it couldn't take hot liquids!

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OcUnit 2 Coffee Cup
  My Dutton coffee mug, complete with coffee stains.  Could it be Dutton coffee? Dutton_Mug-800.jpg (105965 bytes)
OcUnit 2 Lighter
  Zippo lighter with the OcUnit2 patch. OcUnit2_Zippo.jpg (52786 bytes)
Dutton Postal Cancel
  From the date I think Jim Stuckart hand canceled this one.

See the Universal Ship Cancellation Society site at http://www.uscs.org/ for an explanation of the historical significance of Naval Covers.
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Change of Command Ceremony Program Booklet
  Southampton, England.  In July, 1972 LCDR David C. Honhart relieved LCDR James Koehr as Commanding Officer Oceanographic Unit 2.

Click the thumbnail to open the booklet.

Someone expended considerable effort to hand letter this booklet.  Unfortunately the result is almost illegible, so I've transcribed the text:
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Page 1:



Page 2:

~ Lieutenant Commander ~

James E. Koehr

was commissioned at Naval Officers Candidate School, Newport Rode Island in 1959.
In 1960, following completion of aviation ground officers school and intelligence training, reported to staff of COMCARDIV SEVEN as an air intelligence officer.
      After receiving a Master of Science degree from Naval Postgraduate school in Monterey, he pursued oceanographic and meteorological assignments at Fleet weather installations in Argentina, Newfoundland, and Norfolk.
      He served as Officer in charge, Naval weather Service Enviornmental Detachment, Patuxent, Maryland, and in 1970 was designated as a Special Duty Officer (geophysics). In October, 1971, he became Commanding Officer of Oceanographic Unit Two and is leaving to join the operations study group in Washington, D.C.
      In 1962, Lieutenant Commander Koehr married the former Erma Bulgarelli, who was s Navy Nurse. They have four sons: James, John, Bernard, and Brian.
Their home is in Great Hills, Maryland.

Page 3:

~ Lieutenant Commander ~

David C. Honhart

graduated from the United States Navel Academy in 1963 and served in the Engineering Department of the U.S.S. Halsey Powel. In 1965, he became Engineering Officer of the U.S.S. Walton.
      He received a Master of Science Degree in Oceanography and attended the United States Naval Destroyer School in Newport, Rhode Island After serving as Engineering Officer aboard the U.S.S. Coontz (DLG9), he reported to the Fleet Anti-Sumarine warfare School in San'Diego as a Staff Oceanographer.
      In December, 1965, Lieutenant Commander Honhart and the former Cynthia Lorraine George, of Victoria, British Columbia, were married. They have two children: Kurt Arthur, and Dane Crosby.

Page 4: ~ Program ~
Official party arrives
The National Anthem
Reading of Orders
Lieutenant Commander J.E. Koehr
Reading of Orders
Lieutenant Commander D.C. Honhart
Official Party Departs ~
  The change of command ceremony is a time-honored tradition which formally restates to the officers and men of the command the continuity of the authority of command. It is a formal ritual conducted before the assembled company of the command. The naval change of command is nearly unique in the world today: it is a transfer of total responsibility from one individual to another.