Coffee Cup
  Coffee cup with the OcUnit One patch.  There is a story behind the name on the cup.  I was at an airport with Neil Schmidt and they were paging "Mr P. U. Sateri,  Mr P. U. Sateri".  Neil heard that and for the next four years I was "Sateri".  Some people didn't even know what my real name was.  Even the officers called me Sateri.  So, if you look at the bottom of my coffee cup you'll see "SATERI". Coffee Cupb-800.jpg (70708 bytes)
Hard Hat
  When the Bowditch went through overhaul in Redhook, NY (boy, was that an experience!) we all had to wear hard hats. Here's mine, complete with the unit, SINS (as I was a SINS tech) and the obligatory Sateri on the back Hardhat_Front.jpg (63910 bytes) Hardhat_Back.jpg (56112 bytes)
Name Plate from Survey Control
  The name plate from the door of Survey Control.  Sometime prior to 1976, this operations space had been moved to the storeroom forward of NIC.

03-88-1 =  3rd deck, frame 88, starboard side.  (It's possible that this plate was taken from the original door to Survey Control on the 03 Level abaft the Bridge. In that case 03 would mean 03 Level.)

survey_door_placard-800.JPEG (21343 bytes)
Name Plate from the Mk 3 Mod 3 SINS Navigation Computer
  Honest Chief, I don't know how it fell in my sea bag! SINS placardb-800.jpeg (90817 bytes)
Phone Plate
  Address plate for the Sound Powered Phones. dial_x placardb-800.jpeg (50025 bytes)
"Shot Glass"
  This is what happens to a styrofoam coffee cup under deep ocean pressure.  We tied it to a velocimeter then winched it over the side and down. We only did this once in two years.  Usually, we did XBT drops every watch. Shot_Glass.jpg (79616 bytes)
Data Tape
  A punched paper tape, used for data input/output. Data_Tape.jpg (84909 bytes)