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Bowditch OcUnit One Patch San Nicolas Island Patch
Bluenose Certificate, 19 June, 1974 (Wallet Card)
Orders to OcUNIT ONE
  BuPERS Order, 23 JAN 1974.

My orders to report to OcUNIT ONE as XO, with temporary duty on the way to Crypto school and NAVOCEANO.  

You have to love the Navy:  I am to report to "port in which CO, OCEANOUNIT ONE, may be".
Memo assuming duties as XO, Oceanographic Unit ONE
Subsistence Voucher - Dec, 1974 
The Great Flag Controversy!
OcUNIT One Stamps
OcUNIT One Plaque
USNS Bowditch Post Card
Paint by Numbers - Then & Now
    Art therapy - the painting in my stateroom aboard USNS Bowditch. ...and the painting now.
    I did this picture during a particularly “rough” cruise…I honestly think that it helped me to keep my sanity during the days when it was virtually impossible to make your way around the ship! Of all of the items that I brought home with me from my Navy experience …it’s probably the most treasured.
Victory Ship Model Kit
  The Bowditch, and her sisters Dutton and Michelson, were converted from WWII Victory-class cargo ships.

This great kit is still available from Bluejacket Ship Crafters: http://www.bluejacketinc.com/kits/victoryship.htm .
My XO's Foul Weather Jacket.
My Navy leather flight jacket.
The "Royal Mariner" Clock I presented to my Dad.