(Noteworthy events and activities above and beyond normal survey ops.)
Scorpion Subsearch, ca. Jun-Sep 1968
(Contributed by Earl Adams.)
Sometime after May 21, 1968, we lost our brothers aboard USS Scorpion SSN-589.

On 03 June, Bowditch was ordered underway early from a scheduled inport in Bremerhaven Germany, and to proceed to Southampton England. Bowditch arrived in Southampton at 2000, 04 June. We embarked communications technicians and got underway 1300, 05 June, proceeding to an operations area south of the Azores Islands to join the Scorpion Subsearch mission.

In early September, 1968, Bowditch is ordered to terminate survey operations, proceed to Holy Loch, Scotland, and ship a load of deep ocean transponders to USNS Mizar T-AGOR-11 at Lajes Field, The Azores. The transponders are to be launched by USNS Mizar in the continuing search for USS Scorpion. One technician, ETR2 Earl Adams, is assigned to accompany the transponders and facilitate their use.
USNS Mizar T-AGOR-11  underway from The Azores.
Preparing a transponder for launch.  ETR2 Earl Adams is the skinny guy with glasses.
Launching a transponder.  ETR2 Earl Adams is on the lower right with his back to the camera.
The loss of Scorpion, and the involvement of Bowditch in the search, was reported worldwide. All of those news reports have now disappeared behind pay-per-article archives, and I have only this badly reproduced copy of one article left.  The source is unknown.

Note the accompanying article, "Petty Officers Can Command".  The article describes the Navy's recruitment of Petty Officers to command PBRs in Vietnam.

USS Scorpion (SSN-589) Portraits of every crewman can be found at:  http://www.oneternalpatrol.com/uss-scorpion-589.htm
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