The crew of Oceanographic Detachment Two, 1962.

Front Row, L to R (Seated):  YNCA PB Monroe,  ETC CD Judy,  LTJG WG Wilson,  LCDR RL Bruce,  CWO2 HW England,  ETCS DE Priem,  ETCA AM Davidson.
Second Row:  QM3 DW McCallum (kneeling),  ETN2 GQ Palmeter,  ETN3 WN Altonen,  ETR2 WH Clickner,  ETR2 RF Childress,  ETN3 WL Cocayne,  ETN3 WT Craft,  ET1 JE Roe,  HM1 FX Farrell,  ETR2 HC Finch,  QM2 CK Wright.
Third Row:  ETN2 KH Eckroth,  ETR2 RW Lewis,  ICFN FD Miles,  IC3 RG Latimer,  ETR2 WR Klein,  ETR3 DW Ringo,  ET1 JF Casebolt,  ETR2  FC Edwards,  ETRSN DM Skinner,  QM1 ML Breitkreutz,  PH1 (NS) JE Swauger.

(Courtesy of Bill Klein.)
The crew of Oceanographic Unit Two, 1972.

Kneeling, L to R: Jack Tackett and Wayne Meisner.
Front row right is ET3 Paul Rokoff.  Left of Paul is the unit's SK1, name unknown.  Behind Paul in the second row on the right is ET3 Venable (beard and glasses) and ET3 David Aas.
Back row, right, 2nd from right, is Larry Schuldt (the tall guy with glasses). Back row, right, just behind the bearded CPO, is Phil Brooks.

(Courtesy of Paul Rokoff.)
The crew of Oceanographic Unit Two, 1974.

We posted portraits of the crew on the OcUnit Bulletin Board.  Here is an album of the entire board. 
Click the thumbnail on the right for the album, then any thumbnail in the album to open the slide show.  Click any slide for a higher resolution photo.

(Courtesy of Paul Rokoff.)
The crew of Oceanographic Unit Two, ca. 1983. 

This photo was taken from the OcUnit 2 Familygram, ca. 1983.

(Courtesy of Michael Librizzi.)