On 16 October 2007, our shipmate Chet Headley visited USNS Dutton at All Star Metals in Brownsville, TX. , where she awaits final disposal.  Click the icon to go to his commentary and photo album. DSCF0028_028.JPG (467359 bytes)
Dutton retirement ceremony, from the cover of: Naval Oceanographic Office Bulletin, Sept-Oct, 1989.

Source: Ramon Jackson, via NavSource online.
The Dutton is deactivated on 12 September 1989. At least she got a ceremony. The article includes a brief history as well. This is from the Naval Oceanographic Office Bulletin, Sept-Oct, 1989.
A booklet apparently prepared for the Dutton retirement ceremony, although this is not stated explicitly.

Source:  Naval Oceanographic Office, 11 April 2007.

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Beaumont, TX
The arrow points to the ship I believe to be USNS Dutton.
(Thanks to Jack Keenan's reminiscences for reminding me that I might find her in Beaumont using Google Earth).
NDRF_Beaumont.jpg (78169 bytes)
A closeup of USNS Dutton. The graphic identifies Naval architectural features which I believe identify the ship. Her position is:
30 deg, 01 min, 28.68 sec N
94 deg, 01 min, 04.30 sec W
A comparison of the overhead satellite photo of Dutton to her "precommissioning" photo (the first photo on this page).  The features line up perfectly.  Lifeboats No.5 and No.6 were removed from the ships during a yard period probably in the early to mid 1970s. Michelson still had hers in 1971. Dutton_Compare.jpg (403652 bytes)

The National Defense Reserve Fleet Inventory of July 31 2007 lists Dutton's status as "Disposal".