Commanding Officer's Letter, ca. November 1966
  A letter from LCDR William M. Kelly, Jr. to each crewmember's home.  Apparently he thought we weren't writing home as often as we should.  It offers some interesting insights into the workings of the ship.

(Courtesy of Rick Hollis)
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USNS Dutton Information Booklet
  An undated booklet of information about the ship and OcUnit for new crewmembers.  The booklet would probably have been distributed to Navy crew only because of the classified nature of some of the information.

Although the information is undated, the equipment configuration in NIC places the NIC diagram ca. 1963-1969.

(Courtesy of Henry Alubowicz)
Dutton General Information, ca. early 1969
  An informational letter sent by the CO of OcUnit 2 in early 1969 to prospective crewmembers.  All the info contained in this letter was equally appropriate for OcUnit 1 back to 1966.  The letter is unsigned, but LCDR Wayne N. Rauch was OcUnit 2 CO during this period.  The original was a barely legible mimeograph, transcribed by Ron Walker for this presentation.  See Ron's comments here.

(Courtesy of Ron Walker)
OcUNIT 2 Change of Command Booklet, 4 Sep 1979
  The 1979 OcUNIT 2 change of command took place in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on September 4th.  LCDR John V. Rowney was relieved by LCDR Michael A. McCallister.

(Courtesy of Henry Alubowicz)
USNS Dutton Postal Cancel, 1981
  The cancel stamp celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Naval Oceanographic Office.

See the Universal Ship Cancellation Society for the significance of Postal Cancels.

(Courtesy of Earl Adams)
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