OcDet Two Familygram No.13 , undated (ca. Feb 1962).
(Courtesy of Dave Royer)
  OcDet2 Familygram No.13.
Undated, but probably ca. Feb 1962.
In the group photo on page 1:
Left front, Herbert J. Bevington; center front, LCDR Donald Chapman; next right, CPO Jeramiah McGonigal; far right, ETR3 Dave Royer; back row right, the tallest is John Casebolt; back row far left (bearded), possibly Azel Shipman.
OcDet Two Familygrams , June-December 1963.
(All are courtesy of Dennis Solo)
  OcDet2 Familygram No.29, June 10 1963 OcDet2_Familygram_No29-p1.jpg (708864 bytes) OcDet2 Familygram No.30, July 07 1963 OcDet2_Familgram_No30-p1.jpg (655078 bytes)
  OcDet2 Familygram No.31, August 02 1963 OcDet2_Familgram_No31-p1.jpg (724783 bytes) OcDet2 Familygram No.32, September 01 1963 OcDet2_Familygram_No32-p1.jpg (885806 bytes)
  OcDet2 Familygram No.33, October 01 1963 OcDet2_Familygram-No33-p1.jpg (897328 bytes) OcDet2 Familygram No.34, November 14 1963 OcDet2_Familygram_No34-p1.jpg (833224 bytes)
  OcDet2 Familygram No.35, December 23 1963 OcDet2_Familygram_No35-p1.jpg (777628 bytes)    
USNS Dutton Today's News, 30 August 1965
(Courtesy of Rick Hollis)
  A daily newspaper prepared by Dutton's MSTS Radio Officer for the crew.  These radio teletype broadcasts received by ships at sea were our only source of information about the world outside. Dutton_TodaysNews_Aug1965-p1.jpg (581129 bytes)
Seasons Greetings From OcDet Two, December 1964
(Courtesy of Rick Hollis)
    Seasons_Greetings-p1.jpg (661147 bytes)
OcDet Two Familygram , ca. Jun 1965
(Courtesy of Rick Hollis)
    Familygram-p1.jpg (712095 bytes)
The Dutton Drift, 1967-1968
  The Dutton Drift, 10 August 1967.

The Dutton’s Family Newspaper “The Dutton Drift”, 10 August 1967. I got this copy from the Dutton when we shared an uncommon inport together. This is a fine piece of work by Dutton’s crew, and historically invaluable.

(Contributed by Earl Adams.)
duttondrift_Page_1.jpg (179235 bytes) The Dutton Drift, 1968.

Another fine "Family Gram" from Dutton's Navy crew.

(Contributed by James Ward.)

Dutton_Drift_1968_Page_01.jpg (277728 bytes)
Dutton Newsletters, 1972
(Courtesy of Paul Rokoff)
  Dutton Familygram, 4-13-1972  Dutton_Familygram_4-13-1972-trimmed-p1.jpg (573433 bytes)  Dutton Familygram, 6-13-1972 Dutton_Familygram_6-13-1972-p1.jpg (584121 bytes) 
  The Dutton Home Hammer, Volume Two (ca. Oct-Nov, 1972) The_Dutton_Home-Hammer-p1.jpg (114726 bytes)  Big Hon Speaks  Big_Hon_Speaks_p1.jpg (694917 bytes) 
Bell Pepper Bugle, 1975-1976
(Courtesy of Harvey Edwards)
  The Bell Pepper Bugle
July, 1975
JFK Airport
The Bell Pepper Bugle
June 2, 1976
Latitude 00o 00' 00"
Man Overbored, 1979-1980
  Man Overbored , Jun 1979

(Contributed by Bruce M. Gray.)
Man_Overbored_Jun1979-p1.jpg (315882 bytes) Man Overbored , Feb 1980

 (Contributed by Bruce M. Gray.)

Man_Overbored_Feb1980-p1.jpg (353441 bytes)
OcUnit 2 Familygram, ca. 1983
(courtesy of Michael Librizzi)
  This Familygram, probably written by the OcUnit 2 CO LCDR Terry Snow, contains a nice description of the ships and OcUnits and a summary of their mission.  Nine carefully chosen photographs illustrate the text.  Aptly named, it's just the thing to send home to your family to let them know what you're up to during that year you're away for "arduous sea duty".  A full page group portrait of the Navy crew is included.

The paper has yellowed with age.  I've left the images unrestored; the sepia tint adds a nice touch of authenticity to the document.