The Atlantic Voyageur, 1963.  (Thanks to John A. Hansen)
March, 1963

The admin inspection mentioned on page 2 was held while the ship was in Belfast.

AtlanticVoyager_Mar1963_1r.jpg (204770 bytes) April, 1963 AtlanticVoyager_Apr1963_1.jpg (162286 bytes)
July, 1963

The text indicates that the ship moved to the Med in July. Can't locate May or June issues. There may not have been any, and I believe that the July issue was the last.

I used to help write the copy and worked with the detachment's photographer to print and distribute.

AtlanticVoyager_Jul1963_1r.jpg (160541 bytes)    
The Pacific Voyageur, 1965.
January, 1965

This issue includes an account of the SS Grand rescue.

(Thanks to Chet Headley)

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The Pacific Voyager, 1966 - 1967.
  First Quarter, 1966

(Thanks to Jonah McLeod)
OcDet3_1'66-p1.jpg (491052 bytes) Second Quarter, 1966

(Thanks to Jonah McLeod)
Pacific_Voyager_2'66-p0.jpg (515046 bytes)
  Fourth Quarter, 1966

(Thanks to William "Ace" Hunter)
Pacific_Voyager_Apr1966.jpg (103573 bytes) First Quarter, 1967

(Thanks to William "Ace" Hunter)
Pacific_Voyager_Jan1967.jpg (116204 bytes)
  Second Quarter, 1967

(Thanks to William "Ace" Hunter)
PacVoyager_2Q_1976-p1.jpg (428488 bytes)    
The Voyager, May 1969  
  May, 1969

On page 8, that's Dave Hicks being carried to his doom in "Wait, I forgot my Duckie!"

(Courtesy of Dave Hicks)
OcUnit3_Voyager_May1969-FC.jpg (175980 bytes)
The Midnight Gossip.

(Thanks to Donald Patane)

Midnight_Gossipr.jpg (58979 bytes)
That Was the Year That Was, May 1971  
  May, 1971

(Thanks to Phil Brooks)
The_Year_May1971_p1.jpg (337464 bytes)
TIME-Mickey Maru Issue, ca. July 1971  
  ca. July, 1971

(Thanks to Phil Brooks)
mmi01_45b.jpg (445173 bytes)
The Midnight Skulker,  1971  

(Thanks to Phil Brooks)
Midnight_Skulker_Cover.jpg (152440 bytes)
The Lone Dijobe, 23 May 1971  

(Thanks to Phil Brooks) Lone_Dijobe.jpg (175139 bytes)
OcUnit3 Newspaper, Jan-Feb 1972  

(Courtesy of Chet Headley) Jan-Feb72-p1.jpeg (485002 bytes)
The Islander, ca. 1972-1973 
  Issue No. 1

(Thanks to Bob Lord)
P1.jpg (175402 bytes) Issue No. 3

(Thanks to Bob Lord)
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